Sunday, September 16, 2666

You spelled "handjob" wrong.

Good news! XGayGreg and his wife, GreedyDede got some cold hard cash this weekend!

Now, I have no idea how or why they have a need for earthly remuneration, but apparently Jesus doesn't have an in at a local gas station.

Oh, and XGayGreg, you spelled handjob wrong. You also spelled man wrong. It's handjob money. A handshake doesn't involve your hand and someone else's penis, or their hand and your penis. Just the tip of the day!

The best news is they got to drive around Baltimore, contributing to the rest of the pollution in the city. I hope they had enough to clog their arteries with McDonald's. On the seventh day, God made a Big Mac.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me.

Respect. What is respect?

People want respect. Everyone thinks they deserve respect. And everyone thinks that YOU have to earn respect.

Let's talk about respecting religious beliefs. This from the Separation of Church and State:

No. I do not respect your religious beliefs.

I respect your right to have them.
I respect your right to express them.

I respect you as long as you respect me. 

I do not respect your "right" to tell me that I am an evil person.
I do not respect your "right" to tell me that I am going to hell.
I do not respect your "right to impose your beliefs on me.

I do not respect ignorance.
I do not respect brainwashing.
I do not respect cults.
I do not respect hatred, bigotry, misogyny, sexism, or tyranny.

I do not respect your religion, and I don't have to.

Thursday, September 13, 2666

Dede Haislip: A blazing racist

This is actually sad, and not very funny.

Why XGayGreg and GreedieDede can't get jobs. This may break your heart.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, can rant and rave like a maniacal lunatic like XGayGreg. The best part? There's a chance that he may actually believe the shit he spouts.

Let's take a look at a recent post. I'm going to break it down, paragraph by paragraph, then post a screen shot of the whole thing at the bottom. This is going to be fun. 

"For all of those who claim the scripture concerning us; "If you don't work, you don't eat" 
  • Punctuation is hard, isn't it. And this isn't a complete sentence. Maybe This is for all of those who claim that this scripture concerns us, "If you don't work, you don't eat." 
How many bosses do you know that would keep us when they get an email from one or many of our haters? Um, XGayGreg, plenty of people who are religious, or have militant religious views have jobs.
  • It's not impossible. There are even organizations that you could legitimately work for that wouldn't have a problem with you threatening to burn down churches, and threatening people with fiery damnation every night on your radio show. I bet Pat Robertson would let you sweep his floors. 
Even if we had a business of our own, they would attack our clients.
  • XGayGreg, there are plenty of business that you could run that where you could find clients who don't mind your confrontative attitude. 
You see, we have paid a dear price to obey God by telling my testimony. 
  • We've seen the tax liens, clearly you haven't paid anything. 
It has cost us everything! 
  • Everything? Really? How about a little more detail if you really want people to feel sorry for you.
I am so thankful for the many ex gays who share their testimony, but God has asked us to step away from everything so that we could share it without fear of losing our jobs. 
  • Jobs? What jobs? Did you have a job and get fired? When did you have a job XGayGreg? When? This sentence really doesn't make any sense, and it pisses me off. God wants you to step away? Not minister? Not walk around a nice park screaming your head off: JESUS, JESUS IS KING, JESUS IS MY LORD, REPENT OR DIE!!! 
What God has asked us to do is a full time job all by itself. 
  • But, I thought he just asked you to step back... in the very last sentence you said you were stepping back. Can't XGayGreg even keep his story straight from one paragraph to the next?
If XGayGreg spent a fraction of the time he puts into making excuses for not having a job, he would have a decent job. He works so hard at being lazy. They didn't step back because god told them to... they stopped the radio show because they couldn't afford it anymore. They couldn't afford it anymore because XGayGreg does NOT have the charisma required for scam preachers to successfully woo people out of their hard-earned money.

We are extremely thankful to our host family here in Baltimore for not kicking us out. Yes, we are still in Baltimore at the same families home. 
  • The same family's home. Come on XGayGreg, doesn't god like proper grammar?
Here we are obeying God and left with nothing, but it isn't God's fault! God has NEVER failed us and even though it may look hopeless, we DO NOT serve a hopeless God!! my God shall supply ALL of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
  • This bit just serves to prove that these people have no idea how words work. Their thought process is just so warped that it's hard to comprehend this level of ignorance. Did God provide their motor coach? NO. Did God keep their radio show on the air? NO. Did God give them deodorant when they couldn't afford it? (This was a hilarious bit from back in the radio days.) NO.
The devil has tried to convince me so many times that I must have done something wrong or we wouldn't be broke, but folks I'm not guying his garbage. This is an endurance race NOT a fluffy everything will be roses because I serve Jesus thing.
  • Really? The devil has tried to convince you? How. What did the devil say? 
  • Here's some information: You are broke because you enjoy making up excuses instead of getting off your ass. You are broke because you choose not to hold down a job. You are broke because you are afraid of all of those liens for back taxes.

  • You've done some witnessing? But, a couple of paragraphs ago God told you not to. Which is it XGayGreg? 
  • No, no one is interested in yours and Dede's manicial, hate-filled rantings. People don't like it when you're a pompus asshole. And you are.
  • This just pisses me off. homosexuality is not having sex with animals. You are a fucking asshole for even suggesting that. Laws that protect adult who want to have sex with children? You fucking asshole moron. Children are in more sexual danger in the church than anywhere. A pastor in Utah was just sentence to time served. His crime? He was trying to fuck the gay out of children in his youth group. Too bad you haven't taken a stand on this issue asshole. 
  • You are only willing to sacrifice because you just don't have the gumption to hold down a job. Being a victim is so much easier for you.
  • I'm so sowry that it's just XGayGreg, Dede and Jesus. How difficult for you. Cry me a river.
  • This is why it's so difficult to have a rational conversation with these people. They mean this literally. Literally. Not figuratively. 
If you have nothing good to say then say nothing. Well, that's apparently why they aren't on the radio show anymore. They have nothing to say.... XGayGreg and his GreedieDede wife need to finally, completely, forever, shut the fuck up.

and get a damn job.

Monday, September 10, 2666

Great Gay Explanation

We've all heard XGayGreg stumble and holler through one of their B.I.G. gay Church services. We've all heard Dede chortle in the background with that maniacal laugh, and often hollerd, "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" [Although, I think she may spell it: Halleluya.] We've heard them "speak" in tongues, and speak for god.

We've heard them scream at us to, "OBEY, OBEY!" and to give them money... it always comes down to money doesn't it.

If they could string a coherent thought together as smooth and cohesive as this man, they wouldn't be sleeping in their car and bathing at McDonald's. (possibly)

 The rights of homosexual couples to marry isn't a debate exclusive to the United States. It's a global issue, and while ignorant politicians in Russia criminalize the sexuality of their citizens, other countries like Australia and New Zealand are pushing to open the doors for everyone. Regardless of their sexual preference.

And, like the man says, if you believe your bible tells you that homosexuality is wrong, there are a lot of things you should believe as well:

Child sacrifice

Perhaps next time we'll look into some of these atrocities a little deeper. But, if you reject the institution of slavery, you shouldn't have any problem looking away from homosexuality.

Sunday, September 9, 2666

Cry For Help

The XGayGreg and Dede Haislip saga has been ongoing. These people thought that if they wanted to be pregnant enough that god would give them a baby. They thought that if they wanted twins enough that god would give them two babies. They thought that if they didn't want to work that they could say that god doesn't want them to work.

They thought they could run away from their problems, but the same problems they had in North Carolina have followed them to Baltimore.

XGayGreg and Dede Haislip have reached out to the XGay community, and pulled back empty hands and wallets.

They've reached out to the church community, and pulled back an empty collection plate. This isn't surprising, Greg has said more than once on his show that he wants to see churches that don't agree with his religious philosophy burn to the ground. Dede called the church a whore. (It didn't make sense to me either... she said she was speaking for God, and his words were, "Why did you make my church a whore?")

But now on XGayGreg's facebook is a disturbing statement: Lord you suffered and died for me the least that I can do is suffer and yes die to myself will so that some might be saved. [sic]

Greg often has problems putting his thoughts into spoken and written word. I speculate that he meant something like this: Lord, you suffered and died for me. The least that I can do is suffer, and even die myself, so that some might be saved. Please stick Pastor Pink, Dede's ukulele that she uses for comedy, in my ass - now wiggle it. (The last sentence was implied, just read between the lines!)

Several people have speculated that the Haislip saga that we've been watching for almost a year now would end in tragedy. Is this a sign that it really will?

Is there anything that we can do to stop it? Help the Haislips?

Dear XGay Greg and Dede,
 Please know that even though some who have followed your activities don't agree with your methods, sentiments, and words, no one wants to see you go out in a blaze of glory. No one wants to see either one of you dead for your beliefs. Please, reach out to someone, anyone, before you take a step from which you cannot return.
If you want to leave a comment on this blog, please do so. If you want me to erase the comment later, I can do that too. But, please let someone help you before one or both of you is beyond anyone's reach.

Thursday, September 6, 2666

New and Improved Web Site!

Overcummer Ministries is AWESOME

The front page of their brand new website. Note the absence of XGayGreg! Note the absence of any of the other anti-gay icons that they used to shill.

I have a feeling that every single one of them demanded to be removed from anything associated with them, once they got the real story and found out who XGayGreg and Dede really are.

I think this is awesome, if awesome means blatantly racist and homophobic.

Wait... that's not what it means?

I must have accidentally used the same fucked up dictionary that Dede uses.

See friends, words mean things. This is not awesome, it is awful.

  • Update on the pregnancy: Dede posted a cute little picture of Peep along with a chicken in what looks like a police lineup. It's hilarious and adorable. (There I go again, not using the right words... It's cute, but not really funny or adorable at all.)

Someone noted that the Peep looked pregnant, and asked how long a Peep pregnancy was.

They guessed about 17 or 18 months. Dede responded!!! NO! It's more like 22 months. Bwahhaaaa.

Folks, I think we've finally seen the end of Dede's miraculous phantom tumor/pregnancy. She hasn't said anything about the phantom baby in a very long time, and now she's openly making fun of her own supernatural baby claim. This is probably as close to the truth as this woman will ever get.

Also, let's just once again make a note that XGayGreg is nowhere to be found on Dede's brand new website. Looks like her gay peep has flown the coop.